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Specialist in Holistic Pain Management
Pain Management Medicine, Supportive & Palliative Care
Dr Michael Platt
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Physiotherapy plays a key role in holistic pain management. The right movements and exercises can often help to relieve pain and increase your mobility.

Physiotherapy uses a selection of different movements, stretches and exercises to strengthen your weak points and enable you to move more easily. You might also have manual therapy, where the physiotherapist massages or manipulates your limbs, joints and muscles to increase your strength and range of motion. Having physiotherapy can help to relieve pain, reduce the risk of injuries and restore movement and function.

If you have physiotherapy for pain management, your physiotherapist will work with you to design a unique programme of exercises that will target the right joints and muscles. You might need to have a number of sessions with your physiotherapist, but you will usually need to keep doing the exercises you have been taught at home too. You will need to play an active role in your physiotherapy, but you should soon start to feel the results.

Physiotherapy can have a big impact on your life by making it easier and more comfortable to move around and perform everyday tasks. It may need to be combined with occupational therapy, exercise, and pain management in order to make your life easier.


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