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Specialist in Holistic Pain Management
Pain Management Medicine, Supportive & Palliative Care
Dr Michael Platt
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Headaches and migraines are very common and can often be treated at home. However, if the headaches are very severe or they become a chronic problem, specialist help with pain management may be needed.

Headaches can range from a dull tension headache to a severe migraines or cluster headaches that prevent you from performing everyday tasks. Headaches or pain in your mouth or face can also be associated with problems affecting the nerves in your neck or back, rather than a source of pain in the head itself.

Migraines and headaches can have a significant impact on your life. Beyond the pain itself, they can interfere with your work, impair your concentration, and cause trouble sleeping. Treating headaches often requires a holistic approach that can tackle all of these different effects. The right combination of treatments might include acupuncture to help you relax as well as pain relief medication or interventional pain management treatments such as nerve blocks.


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