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Specialist in Holistic Pain Management
Pain Management Medicine, Supportive & Palliative Care
Dr Michael Platt
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Who should see a pain management specialist?

You should always seek help if you are in pain. If over the counter medications, your GP, and any other doctors who are treating you haven’t been able to help, you might need a pain management specialist. It is also worth seeing a specialist if you suffer from chronic pain.


Do I need a GP referral to see a pain specialist?

A referral from your GP isn’t required, but it is best to talk to your GP or the specialist who is treating you so that your care can be properly coordinated.


What should I tell my pain management specialist?

Your pain management specialist will want to know about all of your symptoms, any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, and any treatments you are receiving. It is particularly important to bring a list of any medications you are taking so that any adverse interactions can be avoided.


How can I describe my pain?

You might want to describe how the pain feels: sharp, dull, aching, or associated with burning, tingling, or numbness? It is also helpful to know when the pain started, whether it comes and goes or is continuous, and whether you have noticed any movements or activities that make it better or worse. It is also important to discuss the impact that pain is having on your life, including the emotional impact as well as the physical limitations you might be experiencing.


What treatments are available to help manage pain?

A wide range of treatments are available to relieve and manage your pain so you can be offered a unique combination that works for you. This might include acupuncture, physiotherapy, medication and interventional pain management or surgery.


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