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Specialist in Holistic Pain Management
Pain Management Medicine, Supportive & Palliative Care
Dr Michael Platt
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Breast Surgery


Breast surgery usually requires a general anaesthetic, which will prevent you from feeling pain and make you sleep through the operation. The anaesthesia might not need to be as deep as for some other forms of surgery as the procedure usually happens outside the core of your body, but you still won’t be aware of what is happening.

You will be given the general anaesthetic through an IV drip and breathing mask and your anaesthetist will be there to monitor how you are doing throughout the procedure. You might also be given a long acting local anaesthetic during the operation to help with pain relief after you wake up.

Sometimes, a general anaesthetic won’t e necessary for breast surgery. Some lumpectomies and other procedures can be performed with just a local anaesthetic and a sedative to keep you calm and relaxed. You will still be cared for by an anaesthetist, but you will remain awake.


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